Scan2Pay API


About Scan2Pay

Scan2Pay is a platform providing payment gateway services. Integrating diversified payment methods (eg. third-party payment, credit card, and e-ticket etc.) to a one-stop platform, allowing merchants to adopt these payments with a simple and efficient approach. Scan2Pay can be widely applied in payment transactions for stores/shops, POS systems, vending machines/kiosks, e-commerce, and other online applications.

Start using Scan2Pay API

  1. To begin, contact intella to obtain the following information:

  • merchant id and passwords

  • API server URL

  • RSA public key, AES IV

2. For e-ticket reader, please contact intella sales department.

3. Please note there are 3 sets of passwords for Scan2Pay system:

  • Merchant password: for accessing merchant admin system

  • Trade Key: a mandatory field for all Scan2Pay APIs

  • Refund Key: a mandatory field for calling refund API

*Merchant password and Refund Key can be changed on merchant admin system.